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Fidgeting for Stress & Anxiety Relief

Feeling anxious triggers a rise in stress hormones, which can lead to excess, usually pent-up, energy. If you have nowhere to channel that energy, you’re more likely to fidget. For instance, you might play with your hair, bounce your knee, bite your nails, and fold and unfold your arms.

Fidget toys give you a place to channel that energy. They serve as a distraction for the brain, potentially lowering anxiety and improving focus.

If you are one of those people who fidget, you now know this is a biological mechanism you can use for your own good; For example, many virtual fidget toys can be found in the Fidget Pro app, available both on Google Store and App Store for free. That way, wherever you go you have multiple virtual fidget toys on your phone, providing haptic feedback to simulate real fidget toys effects.

Moreover, the Fidget Pro Forum is a place where you can share your thoughts and feelings regarding stress, anxiety, focus and whatever is between them, making it easier for you and other people to go through hard times in your life.

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