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Unlock your potential with Fidget Pro.

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About Fidget Pro

With Fidget Pro, you have access to a variety of virtual fidget objects that are designed to maximize the benefits of fidgeting. Whether you prefer the feel of spinning or clicking, there is a fidget toy for everyone. Plus, with haptic feedback, you can feel the satisfying vibrations of each interaction.


Fidget Pro is perfect for people of all ages, whether you are a student studying for an exam, a busy professional needing to concentrate on a project, or just someone looking for a way to unwind after a long day. The app provides a safe and convenient way to fidget, without the need for physical objects that can be lost or distracting to others around you.


So why settle for a generic fidget spinner or stress ball, when you can have access to a wide range of customizable virtual fidget objects? Download Fidget Pro today and experience the benefits of fidgeting for yourself!

Who is it for?

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Designed For Maximum Efficiency.

"From now on, you can ignore the frequent requests you undoubtedly receive to just sit still. A new study finds that fidgeting — the toe-tapping, foot-wagging and other body movements that annoy your co-workers — is in fact good for your health." (Source: The New York Times).

​With Fidget Pro, users gain access to multiple virtual fidget objects, which are designed to maximize the benefits of fidgeting. Capturing both clicking and dragging interactions, followed by satisfying haptic feedback, has enabled us to design the perfect virtual fidget objects and maximize their positive effect.

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